So what does a Work Night look like?

Here are some pictures at Ron Walkers house taken by Brian Beck. Ron Tindall did a clinic on the first steps in making a plaster mountain. In this case a foam core base was made into a rough shape of what Ron Walker wanted. Next came the fun part, we got to fling plaster everywhere. Only a thin shell got applied that night. Next week we will add another layer of plaster and then the rocks molds will be applied and then painted.

We'll bring you more pictures as we proceed.


 Click on any photo to enlarge it, some have added fun captions in the pictures...

Ron & Ron Mixing Plaster

 Ron, Dennis and Ron

 George and Ron

 George, Dennis & Ron

 Jack & George

 Jack laying track

 Jack soldering his fingers

 Jack sing as he worked

 Ron Walker ... working on a car or pizza hmmmm

 Jim Phelan working on a car during car repair night

 Ron Tindall adding couplers to his cars

 Jack programing his new DCC equipment

 And Jack again, just being Jack ... having a ball