Poway Station
PO Box 1388
Poway, CA 92074


Membership in Poway Station (All Scale Model Railroad Club) is open to anyone with an interest in railroading, be it model or prototype. Ability is not required, as we have a number of members with much experience who enjoy sharing their knowledge with others. Nor is current ownership of any model railroad required. We do require membership in the National Model Railroad Association (NMRA) for insurance purposes. See a Board member, or the NMRA web page, for further information.


We also require that persons under the age of 18 be accompanied by a family member (see Family Membership, below), at all club functions, or sponsored by another regular member. This is as much to be sure the youth is learning and enjoying him or herself as it is to protect members' investment in their modules and equipment.


Family Membership is open to two or more members of the same family, and is required for any member under the age of 18. One family membership covers all the members of a family group. However, each member who wishes to participate is required to pay an Application Fee, as this fee covers the cost of the club badge.


Sponsored Membership may be available to a prospective member under the age of 18, provided that person can find a regular member who is willing to assume the responsibility of sponsorship. This category of membership requires specific approval of the Board.


Associate Membership may be available to prospective or former members whose residence makes it inconvenient to attend regular functions, but who desire to be associated with Poway Station and participate in special events and shows from time to time. This category of membership requires specific approval by the Board, at which time the membership dues rate will be set.


There is a 90 day probationary period before any person becomes a full member.


Dues are due monthly, at the business meeting (the last Tuesday of the month), for the following month. Persons who join on or before the 15th of any month must pay dues for that month. Persons joining after the 15th ride free until the next month. An Application Fee is due with the first month's dues, and includes a club badge. Current rates are shown below, but are subject to change at any time by action of the Board and membership.


Dues (per month) as of 2010:







Application Fee (per each prospective member, including all family members)


Click here for a printable application form, contact any Board member, or visit any regular meeting or show.