Steve Studer


How did I get into trains and why?

Iíve been a model railroader since 1963 when my younger bother and I purchased a 6í x 4í double loop module with six cars and an engine. Over the years Iíve built and rebuilt numerous small layouts that looked good, but just didn't meet my operational desires. My dream to build a large layout came about when I moved to Michigan and was able to build my first large layout (26í x 17í) that allowed for up to six operators at one time. I conducted many operating session with fellow club members and others from around the area.

Currently Iíve been building a large set of modules that depict a mid-west industrial area. The modules also contain many switching opportunities that will add to the fun of running through them. Iíve had many opportunities participate in operating sessions both in San Diego and in Michigan and each time I feel blessed that I still enjoy this great hobby.