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Murphy's Laws of Model Railroading


The DCC Corner

Everything you ever wanted to know about DCC & Decoders

DCC for Beginners

Make your own DCC walk around throttle

New "DCC Glossary"

 13 Great Articles on DCC

Allan Garners Wiring for DCC

Installing Decoders

Help &Tips on DCC

Link to Allan Gartner's DCC Manufactures Listings

Make a Decoder Tester Yourself

Installing the MS100

Build a Handheld Throttle



How to Build & Make Things

Making a Tarp Load

Make Your Own Signal

Operating Block Signal

Making a FRED Light

Make a Directional Light Circuit for your Loco's


Electrical Corner

Tons of Electrical Circuits for Model RR

Electrical Basic

Electrical Extended for Layouts



Working Interchanges


Detailing Layouts and Trains

Detailing Your Layout

Track Laying

Applying Decals

Plaster casting Buildings

Make your Own Cinder Blocks

3D Backgrounds

Making Roof Top Details from Diesel Shells


MISC. Corner

Fun Industry Names you can put on your layout

Make a set of plans from your Photos

Hobo Alphabet

All About Cabooses

Care and Maintenance of your trains

Weighting Cars

Books for Beginners

All About Scales and Gauges

Learn About Lanterns


About the Rails

Track Cleaning Ideas

How did we determine the distance between the rails, 4 feet 8 1/2 inches?

10 weeks to a better layout

What's the difference between scale and gauge?

Rolling Stock Template

SP Rule Book


Glossary's and Terms

Definitions of Common Railroad Terms

Glossary of Model Railroading Terms