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Poway Station
PO Box 1388
Poway, CA 92074


Who Are We?

Poway Station is a modular club. Our layouts are built in sections that can be joined together end to end to form nearly limitless configurations. This concept was pioneered by NTrak, Inc. and has been adapted for HO and G scale use by our Club.


A Poway Station layout consists of a set of main line tracks that run the entire length of the module, close to the outside edge. These tracks meet and align with identically placed tracks from other modules. The connected main line tracks allow trains to travel completely around the whole Club layout. Once the main line tracks are installed, the builder is free to customize the module.

Modules tend to be in a continuous state of development; realistic landscaping is added and altered as often as the builder desires. Some of the beginner's modules have only the two main lines, while more advanced members have created scenic destinations complete with all the details you'd find in the real world. Module builders are only limited by their imaginations!



Meetings can encompass several different activities. We might be running trains, building modules or scenery, repairing engines, adjusting trucks, laying track or even just watching a video.


Once a month we hold our business meetings on Tuesday at 7:00 pm. We meet in Templar's Hall at 14134 Midland Road, Poway. Most of our meetings are on Tuesdays except Board meetings, when we plan special "work nights" at our member's homes to help them finish projects on their modules and personal layouts. The start time varies on these member hosted meetings, so please check our website for the latest news and updates!


Club Membership

We welcome people of all ages and abilities who have an interest in any scale of railroading. Our current member roster includes train buffs from nearly every generation, with a wide variety of ages and skill levels represented. Please join us at a meeting and see if this dynamic, active and progressive Club is right for you!


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Member at Large




Poway Station is an All Scale club. Our members are currently active in N, HO, G, O and 1½ inch scales. We also enjoy running trains at the following community events:

San Rafael Parish
Old Fashioned 4th of July
Train Song Festival
Christmas in the Park
Other local events