Christmas Party "2007"

I forgot my camera this time around but thanks to Adrian, he brought his along and grabbed the follow fun pic's for us to enjoy. Thanks Adrian. (Pictures are below)

So Christmas and the Holiday season has come once again and the joy and fun of families getting together never looses it's thrill. The club members and families joined together at Templar's Hall for another potluck party.

Turkey, Ham and just about every kind of fixings that goes with such a meal was present and was it GOOD! If you were like me you ate way to much, and then came the pies.... ohhhhh my aching belly!

After we ate we settled down and played the gift giving game again, or should I say, gift stealing game. All the presents were brought up front and labeled, male or female, train item or non train item. Names were then randomly drawn from a Christmas bag and guests came up and chose a gift. Below you can see all the smiles and fun we had.

It was a great time of food, friends and fun. A big thank you to everyone who cooked, brought goodies, helped setup and tear down. It made the night a fun night to remember.


Early comers started to setup the hall. 

I noticed after I started building this page that there were no pictures of the gang eating.

It appears Adrian had his hands full and didn't want to slop up his nice camera. Can't say as I blame him. :o)

So, now that we finished eating and cleared the tables, here starts the games ...

Ron Walker and Ron Tindall start the game off by drawing the first name.

Dana gets the first gift, no wait, it was actually for Alex, mommy had to help him a little though. 


Jim's wife Colleen was next. Can't see what she got though but I'm sure it was nice.

Daddy (Glen) Flaherty was up next. He got a nice assortment of coffee, cocoa, tea etc.



Ron Tindall's daughter, Catherine, draws a crowd of ladies curious to see what goodies she got.

Ron tried to get his daughter to pick from the train side of the table, but it didn't work. Nuts ...

Is it my turn yet? Rings out from across the room.

Ewww, my mistake, Gary and baby Alex are eating so we did get a food fest shot in here :o)


President Ron Walker's turn up, ohhh cool, a DVD all about steam!

Wait, Ron only has diesels, hahaha



Secretary Ron Tindall forgot his glasses and instead of that cool car kit, he should have picked some arm stretchers to put things in focus again.


Ron Tindall's wife, Kathleen looks like a happy camper with her picnic assortment of goodies. Party anyone? ;o)



Alex hiding in stroller, Mommy Dana, Daddy Glen, Bud, Gary, Colleen, Jim, Steve and Nerda await their turn to scoop up a present.



Oh man, choices, choices, so many choices. Just grab one Bud, they'll all good.


Ahhh, I found it, feels right, looks good, this must be the one.


Geesh Steve, that is one intense look there trying to open that present. It was all worth it in the end.


DJ checking out what his dad got.



Ron Walker's wife, Terry, laughed up a storm on this gift. It was some kind of toilet seat monster. Ok, I have no idea what that is either. She lucked out and someone actually stole it from her later.

Adrian, who's taking the pictures? And from here I can't make out what you got, hope it was a goody!


Gary Robinson showing off his gift. I think it was a kit of some kind. Hope you can use it on the pike Gary!


Adrian's wife, Heather opening up here goody




Ok what is it? From the look of Nancy and Heather I don't think either one has figured it out yet????

What ever it was Heather, I hope you liked it. :o)



Dad's playing tender. It looks like a fuel stop at the Flaherty table, you got to feed those little tankers so they grow into "Big Boys".

Ok, that was a bad play on choo choo lingo wasn't it. Sorry, couldn't help myself.



Jim Smullens gets 3 really nice cars for his module. Nice pick there Jim. :o)


3 hours later, Jack Eiermann picked his present, notice the sun coming up in the window behind him! Just kidding. I love to tease Jack ... :o)

Jack starts to assemble his new kit right at the dinner table. Kathleen is checking out the items. Maybe her husband can use those, hmmmm



Ewww, Steve nailed an SP caboose, woodsided yet. Cool.

Lets see now, the YSP RR connects with the SP, it's the right era of time for my layout, hmmm. Yeah, I was a stinker, unfortunately for Steve, I stole it from him at the very end. Sorry Steve.... I owe ya! ;o)


Mel's wife Terri tries out Dana's present of perfume ... Is she going to steal it???



Opps, sorry Catherine, some one stole your present. So what did you get this time ... Oh salad forks and spatula's. I see momma is eying them up. I bet they get stolen before you make it home.

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