Welcome to Train Song Festival 2005

In Old Poway Park every year, the city of Poway holds a Train Song Festival. There are games, booths, food and through out the park are singers and bands singing and playing songs about trains. They run a Narrow Gauge Steam engine with passenger cars, which get robbed by the local bad guys, (the stick up's are pretend of course).

Each year the Poway Station All Scale Model Railroad Club sets up a wonderful modular layout in the hall in the park. This year we had hundreds upon hundreds of visitors for the two day event.

Below are some of the pictures of the fun we had. Hope you enjoy them too.

 Train Song Festival Layout

 Calling in the Crane

 Double Headed Diesels

 Jack Uncoupling

Jack, Jim, Ron Switching

 Yes, we had wrecks too

 Not pretty is it, tying up the mainlines

 Jim and Ron working

 Busy Main Lines

 Old Timer Passenger

 Ron checking to see if the wine is ready yet

 Speeding Diesel through the mountains

 High Balling

 More Freight Coming Through

 Old meets new in Yosemite

Switching at the Winery

 Ron Walkers Winery

 Notice anything unusual?

 Passing Strangers

  Fast Freight

 Old and New working together

 YSP RR Incline Loggng Railroad

 Before the crowds came in

 Passenger Train roaring through small town

 UP Freight Come thru


 UP Freight pulling out