San Rafael Parish Hall Run 2007

We have been very blessed, this was our 5th year running at San Rafael Parish. In conjunction with the Knights of Columbus who held their annual ice cream social the same weekend, church members and the public where treated to the sights and sounds of model railroading while eating ice cream and donuts. What a deal that is!!

Setup took place this year early Friday morning and the doors opened for the show on Saturday and Sunday. It was a great time. All the hard work paid off. We setup a huge HO layout and a large O scale layout again but in a different configuration this time.

We ran with our Digitrax DCC system. Many trains where running on both mainlines and this year we had more than ever a nice variety of passenger trains. Yes, we had a few derailments and one crash. You can see pictures of that below.

Treat yourself to the adventure and look at the photo's taken at the event below. They are arranged by alphabetical order of members. If you have some and want them added, please let him know.

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Locomotive Presentation 

Some Setup Work

Modules Pic's

 Passenger Trains

 Crowd Viewing

 Some New Engines


Locomotive Presentation

For the last 5 years, San Rafael Parish and Msgr. Dennis Mikulanis, the Pastor there, and along with the Knights of Columbus, have let us come and setup trains in August. This is a wonderful event for both us and the congregation and the general public too. The Knights have an ice cream social on Saturday and coffee and donuts on Sunday. Does it get any better than that?

We wanted to do something to show our appreciation for letting us setup and run there so we got a Berkshire, 2-8-4 brass locomotive and painted it. We then mounted the engine to a show stand with a clear plexiglass cover. A brass plaque was mounted on the case thanking Msgr. Mikulanis and naming him Chief Engineer. Below are some pictures of the night we presented Msgr. Mikulanis with the loco.




A couple pic's at setup time


Adding Skyboards


Brian doing some last minute track work

Almost ready to roll


Gary built a walk through for the club


First viewer sneaks in


Oh look, it even works!


Ok, It's Run Time!

Crowds watching the trains run







Some Pictures around the layout


New Cattle Ranch scene under construction


Our cement processing area


Heavy Freight train rolling on through


Jim running the O scale


Our new Fiddle Yard


Brian Beck's Z gauge


George's Boggs Static Display


Rich's Factory


Grain Modules


Climax Switching log cars


Engine House




Logging Town


O gauge layout


O gauge layout
Ok, I promised you a crash, here it is and what a beauty it was. As you can see, this crash not only derailed the train but took out control tower and everything around it. No loss of life ... the crew in the tower knew it was the Wine Train Special and had heard rumors they the engineer runs a long straw from his cab back to one of the wine cars. The tower crew fled the scene way before the train got there. Smart thinking! I would have taken more but the conductor chased me away from the scene.


Pretty bad driving when you lay cars down for half a mile or more!


Yup, that's gonna leave a mark!

Passenger Trains







No one else gave me any pictures yet of their personal stuff, so I am shamelessly going to put my

New Engines fresh from the Paint Shop here.

(GP-50's painted in my Yosemite Sugar Pine RR, Black Widow Silver Back theme)

If anyone else snapped some pictures of their equipment, send them to me, I'll post them too.