March 18th - 19th Run at the 6 Lazy B Ranch

Photo's at bottom of this article.

by Ron Tindall

Many thanks to member George Boggs who graciously allowed us to setup a 24 x 24 foot layout in his tractor barn over the weekend. It was cold and rainy at times, but we still had lots of fun.

Starting early Saturday morning, a small group of hard working guys carried, prodded, lifted, bolted and wired together a group of modules and by 12:30 we were running. This weekend was more or less dedicated to working more with the DCC systems (thanks Dennis for letting us borrow your goodies), learning it's in's and out's and a weekend of module evaluations and repairs.

George, Ron W, Gary, Jack, Bud, Rich, Brian and Ron T got to run with the new Radio Throttles (DT400R's). That was fun! Personally I enjoyed being able to walk around and follow my engine, and from the grins on others faces, I think they did too.

What did we learn, well, some engines can be really temperamental, (some engineers can be temperamental too) just kidding, ummm in damp weather the rail seems to be more finicky, clean rail is a must to get DCC signals correctly, MRC decoders stink (ok that's a personal comment, sorry), Tortoise switch machines have to be set or timed correctly or they short out the system and all loco's come to a quick stop.

Oh yeah, personally what I learned is that at age 57, I can still dive over and do a 360 in mid air, with a half turn gainer twist over a 4 x 4 module on the floor, land on my back and still get up a few minutes later with some what of a smile on my face. (Well would you believe I backup up with a load of module legs in my arms and opps, there was a module on the floor right behind me.) But I cleared the module only breaking the facia plate. Not bad for an ol'e fart huh. LOL

So enough talk, here are the pictures. (There aren't many this time around, sorry. Gary's camera pooped out on Saturday and on Sunday I didn't remember to snap any until we were almost ready to tear down. Besides, where were you and your camera!) haha

Click on any thumbnail to view a larger picture:

 Corner shot

 Jacks Yard end

 Ron W and Jack

 New engine trail run

 Ron W & his switcher

 Ron T w/new throttle

New SP passing by 

Coming through  

 Working on modules

SP and UP racing?