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Deciseptennial Odyssey

Like many older model railroaders, I started in the hobby in 1936 when I discovered a Lionel O-27 train set under the Christmas tree. Little did my parents know that they had just given birth to an Addict. They compounded this affliction when my Dad took me down to the Oklahoma City Union Station to tour the newly introduced "shovel nose" Burlington Zephyr. Then my mother began routinely to load me onto the Rock Island "Doodlebug" for the two hour solo trip to Tuttle, OK to visit her sister and my cousins.

The Lionel set grew rapidly to where it consumed an extended ping pong table. My Idol became Frank Ellison and his famed Delta Lines through the many articles published in Lionel's Model Builder magazine and in some early Model Railroaders.

Following WWII, the family moved to Salt Lake City where I could watch the D&RGW outside my Dad's office or walk several blocks up the street to the Union Pacific Union Station and their Roundhouse close by which produced cab rides in the Challengers as the hostlers put them on the turntable and the ready tracks.

The Lionel set morphed into "O" Scale. I was sent off to St. Louis, Mo to a private boarding school (high school) where the St Louis yards and giant stub end Union Station became the usual weekend hangouts. A roommate was similarly afflicted and we enjoyed many days of association with the real railroaders; we learned the operating rules, rode the cabs and worked alongside these folks who seemed flattered that a couple of kids would take so much interest in their profession. Model building continued on a limited basis and at the same time converted to HO scale. Invitations to work at the new St Louis Museum of Transport and the Wabash, Frisco & Pacific Railroad (a 12" gage live steam club) furthered my railroad experiences.

In the meantime, my Dad was transferred to Southern California so my commuter rail trips between home and school became memorable --- the upper berths, the cab rides, the working with the train crew were typical.

I joined the NMRA in 1946 and almost immediately after graduation from High School joined the newly forming Highland Park Society of Model Railroad Engineers in 1949. During the next 3 ½ years, I managed to squeeze in a accelerated college education graduating from USC to be followed immediately by an extended cruise on those great gray liners to such exotic places as Korea and Viet Nam. After solving these international crises, Nancy and I settled down in San Gabriel and returned to the HPSMRE.

After a few years, the Club lost its lease and was forced to demolish over 10 years of hard work on its layout. After 5 or 6 months of the Club being "homeless", I negotiated a deal to enable the Club to purchase a little Fixer Upper house in San Gabriel. The next year or so was consumed with a lot of hard, hard work cleaning, remodeling and construction of an 1800 square foot addition; during this same time a new layout was designed. The new home opened new doors and attracted new members. The Club firmly established its- self in the model railroad community, the hobby supplier industry and the local Class I railroads. We provided models for both hobby manufacturers and the prototype railroads for their advertising and built some of the models used on the TV series "Petticoat Junction." The Club is still going strong in their permanent home (free and clear now) and has a spectacular layout covering over 2000 square feet and which has been featured in several magazines and newspapers. It was the cover story one month in Model Railroader.

Since moving to San Diego in 1969, I am now working on my 2nd (HO) and 3rd (1 ½") layouts at our Six Lazy B's Ranch. I particularly engage in modeling scenery, structures and bridges. I got most of the desire to operate out of my system in the early years and more recently as a train Conductor for 8 years on the SD&A railroad (1:1 scale) which is a tourist line. I have always had a love affair with the Great Northern Ry. and the other Hill Lines (can't explain where that came from). So, the layouts exude GN and NP themes; for example, the1 ½ scale locomotive is a GN NW-3 (a rare piece of equipment [only 13 ever built and GN owned all of them]).

The last 70 years has been quite a train ride.

Here are some pictures of my 1 1/2 scale railroad. This first group is some older shots.

If you want to see the newest work, Please click here!

I also have an HO layout indoors, pictures are below the 1 1/2 inch pic's.


My HO layout pictures


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