Make your own Cinder Blocks

Have a cement company, are you building some new building on your layout? What ever the need, there always seems to be a need for cinder blocks.

I've created a pdf file you can download and print out to make 20 stacks of blocks per page. I suggest using at least 40# paper, others have used stiffer paper and it works too. I tried regular paper and they don't hold their shape well and crush to easy. Instructions are below the picture.

Download the pdf file here: Cinder Blocks

1) Print out the pdf file.

2) Cut along the red lines and black lines to seperate the stacks.

3) Do NOT cut out the stacks yet!

4) Bend with a sharp crease, each tab and corner line, diagram is at the bottom of the print out. There should be 8 folds per stack.

5) Once folded, take a sharp #11 exacto blade and cut out the stacks. I use a plate of glass underneatch when I cut, it works well and protects your table top.

6) Use white glue to glue up the tabs and set aside to dry.

7) Construct some pallets using 2 x 4 strip wood and glue your blocks to it and your set to go. Put them in a cement factory setting, in a box car, or flat car or next to a building that is being constructed.

You can use the file any way you want, there is no copyright on it.

Compliments of the Yosemite Portland Cement Co. :o)