Hi, my name is Adrian Barnard

A little bit about me is written below and I have some pictures also, click here to view them.

My involvement with railroads began when I was three and my mother gave me her clockwork tinplate train set, an O gauge British model and several freight cars. I played with it on the verandah of our house in Australia and lost wheels and axles through the gaps in the boards. I was forbidden to go to retrieve them for fear of being bitten by redback spiders (black widows). This left my rolling stock severely depleted, so I started to cannibalize cars in order to get my favorites running again!

My parents realized I was a hopeless case, so by the time we moved back to England I had two more Australian steam locos to complement my English one.

As I grew older electric trains held more fascination for me. The affordable ones were OO (HO) scale and that's where I started. My best friend and I amalgamated our track and stock and had a good point to point railroad we ran on the floor of my parent's home.

Girls interrupted. After a few years I found one I wanted to marry and, fortunately, she wanted to marry me. After several years of trainless bliss she informed me she was pregnant. I rushed out to by trains as I was sure it was a boy. It was N scale this time, the German Fleishmann trains being the object of my desire. I added a rack and pinion which was truly amazing. By the way, in spite of my wife's insistence to the contrary, it was a boy!

At the tender age of three months I brought my son and wife to the United States and left the N scale behind. We couldn't manage without trains in the house, so a new HO layout began to take shape on the living room floor, my first real 4x8 layout! Like Topsy it grew, with 2 2x8 sections added to each side Cumalongs raised it to under the garage roof when I wasn't working on it.

A friend saw this layout and asked me to help build his. It soon became 'ours' and we dubbed it the OGS&A, his initials and my first initial. As the years went by we added to the basic track plan which lead rise to the moniker Original Grand Scheme & Additions. We were pleased to show our work at several NMRA PSR layout tours during the 1990's.

Most of the photos here are of that layout.

During the 90's I was also involved with Bill Palmer and the crew out at Bell Gardens where I helped run the famous 15" gauge trains there. Sadly, Bell Gardens is no longer there, the track has been ripped up and the trains shipped off. But it was great fun while it lasted!

Another short respite from model railroading followed, the house needed to be remodeled and I turned my skills, time and money to that. As it is nearly finished, I now have a resting place for those English O gauge tinplate models!

I joined the group at Poway Station as I have wanted to build another railroad but I don't have the space to build the size I would like. I have met up with a great group of men who all bring a variety of skills and lots of enthusiasm to the Club. They have made me very welcome and appreciate that.

This bio will be updated from time to time.

Please enjoy the pictures I have posted here.

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Tim showing me how track is connected


 Tim and Aislinn pose with me


 Pictures of my layout, the OGS & A RR